chemical brothers in chicago !!

hello all just a reminder the chemical brotehrs will be playing in chciago sept 24th at teh riviera( spelled right?) tickets are 38 .00 and I think they go on sale this weekend doors open at 6:30 show at 8pm

im game for meeting up if anyone is going to this show

get back to me


becky xoxoxoxox
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rhapsody in blue

US Tour Dates!!!!

Check out their MySpace for the info....Anybody headed to the SF show?

So I was wondering if anybody knows about how long their shows last...I'm hoping to take public transportation, which means I'd have to leave around midnight....if the show starts a 9, is that going to happen?
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well well well

isn't the video to the golden path amazing?!!!

the part where they are dancing and that one guy is spinning the vinyl old-school is hillarious!!

shit man, the brothers work it out!
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I just got my tickets for Glasgow SECC on 2 December!!!! WOOOO!!!! I'm gonna dance like a bastard!! I last saw them at T in the Park 2003, amazin! :) I'm so excited, can u tell? x

p.s, I'm new. age 23 from Glasgow. Loved the Chemical Brothers since hearing 'Chemical Beats' on a computer game many years ago.

mtv europe!

although i don't live in europe, i couldn't help but notice our favourite party people Tom and Ed won an MTV Europe award for best video ("Believe").


and also, i'm new, so hello!

i love the chems. my favourite track is probably "one too many mornings," although "otter rock" and "asleep from day" fight for close second.

and "close your eyes" is amazing too!

how bout you guys? what's your fav. chemical track?
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